Twin Flame pair seeks intentional community

twingypsiesWe are John and Nikki and we are a twin flame pair seeking ‘our’ space.  We don’t need our own space, but we do need space that is also ours, at minimum.  In fact, we prefer to be in an intentional community or shared home because we feel all abundance should be shared, including all we have to offer others.    We are currently staying with friends and in motels until we can find the right people to share the right space with.  We are open to almost any living arrangement that provides us with private space and shared space with family friendly, conscious, spiritual beings.

Before we tell you what we are seeking, this is what we have to offer:

In addition to sharing financial responsibility with our housemates/community members, we have lots to share and contribute.  John does intuitive bodywork/massage therapy.  Nikki is a spiritual coach and writer with intermediate web design capabilities to collaborate on projects with others.  We both enjoy cooking and cleaning as well as other domestic duties.  We always find ourselves with an overabundance of healthy, organic foods to share through a volunteer project we participate with in Los Angeles, and enjoy preparing more than our fair share of meals.  In fact, we REALLY love to cook with each other so we would take great joy in bringing a lot of meals to the ‘family’ table.  We are spiritually minded conscious beings that accept and respect all paths.   We also bring the gift of spiritual music in the form of acoustic conscious music and kirtan.  We are loving and respectful people who develop deep bonds with those who are open to our friendship and love and we’re always looking for opportunities to serve everyone with their highest purpose and benefit in mind.  We believe that people need each other and no one should have to pave their path on their own.  We are all here to help each other.  Accept us and help us with our shortcomings and we will be joyous to help you with yours.

We are positive and joyful people who can find the punchline, the lesson, the gift, and the love in any situation!  We don’t believe that anger, violence or resentment serve anyone.

What we require because it is what we deserve and are looking to manifest:

breakfast in eugeneAffordable space that is ours as well.  We are not perfect and we don’t expect   you to be, but we are at least hoping that all of us can co-exist in a space where oneness is kept in mind, all spiritual paths are accepted and respected and self-expression is encouraged.  It’s also important to us that the space is family friendly because we have 3 children between us that would be with us regularly, but not full time.  They currently live with their ‘other’ parents but we insist that any space we share is welcoming to them in a loving way.  One of them is a 10 year old girl that would, at most, be with us every other week, and a 5 and 7 year old boy and girl that will be with us every other weekend and some holiday breaks as well as portions of the summer vacation.

As acoustic musicians, we need to be able to freely play our instruments and sing (during respectful times and settings of course!), and invite you to join us with your instruments and voice as well if you would like to.  Ideally, there would be outdoor space for yoga, meditation,  simply enjoying nature and would be joyous if it included a means of us growing some of our own organic fruits, vegetables and herbs.  We are night owls but are respectful of other people’s schedules and bedtimes.  We are happy to engage socially, spiritually and creatively with others, but we also REALLY enjoy our quiet time alone with each other.  We’d also like to know that our space is available for us to share with occasional guests and that we share equally in decisions regarding long term guests and new community members.  We assure you that our friends that may stop by are as awesome as we are and we will trust that your friends are the same and are probably soul family we just haven’t crossed paths with yet!

We need community that is 420 friendly and are happy to limit this to outdoor space if it is for the comfort of all in the home.  We desire a community that respectfully observes medicinal experiences with intention and purpose and not an abusive ‘recreational’ party situation.  That said, we LOVE gathering the tribes in celebration and we hope you and yours enjoy having somewhat regular organized social gatherings where we can bring together great souls we all know to share knowledge and wisdom, food, laughter and network with one another for collaborating on creative projects as well as projects that create positive and sustainable social change.

A little more about us:

john and nikki 1As we said, we are twin flames.  We have an unquenchable thirst for each other and therefore, we spend almost all of our time together and have done so, as much as possible, for the past year and 4 months.  Prior to our romantic relationship, we were best friends and business partners, and have always had nothing but loving interactions with each other and have shared many adventurous journeys and experiences.  While we have separate components to our work, we are in union in every facet of our lives together with long term goals of assisting in expanding awareness on a global level.  We are jokesters that think the monkey suit we’re inhabiting is fun to drive and we should make the best of it, but admit it… farts are funny!

Because we are as spiritual and conscious as we are, we are also a bit rebellious and don’t believe that we should exist in a broken system that serves no one in the end.  We are working with others on several projects in various stages of development, to the best of our ability, to change that.  Let’s change the world together beginning with the community we co-create.

If you have a space that fits our description, or finances to begin such a venture, or simply the desire to participate in such a community, please feel free to reach out to us.  We look forward to co-creating these living arrangements together.  Our phone is slightly unreliable at the moment so please contact us via Nikki’s blog @ with your number and we will contact you asap.  Please feel free to share this on your social networks if you wish to support us in manifesting this and/or know anyone that you think may be interested in our co-creative vision. Namaste!



Like a never ending beat from an ancient drum, flow.

As a ripple on a wave on a swell on the tide, rolling endlessly into itself and unfolding perpetually anew, flow.

With tears of joy, longing, and compassion, freely, flow.

So that you may stay fluid, flexible, and strong, in mind and body, flow.

Letting go of each moment, so as the embrace the next fully, flow.

As though nothing were knowable in anticipation, with blissful awareness of the present, flow.

Without expectation, hesitation, or complication, flow.

Stepping from the safety of illusion, spread your wings to the breeze, jump off, and flow.

While acknowledging desire, forgiving it, and moving onward, flow.

Always with loving kindness to all those we dance around, crash into, and mirror, flow.

Like so many rivers of light, seeking to be reunited with the Source of all luminous movement, flow.

Learning humility, service, forgiveness, and surrender, flow.

So that others may see you, others may know, and you may lead them to freedom – flow.



Stuck in that place between deliberation and action,

Keenly aware of a mild flavor of dissatisfaction.

No clear path ahead, no clear view of behind,

Perpetual transition and no rest for the mind.

One the one hand what feels good, what seems to be right,

The other holds duty unfulfilled, try as I might.

And in this place of unending indecision,

I find I that I’m not so adept at precision.

There is no black and there is no white,

Can’t tell between ignorant darkness and illuminating light.

Though others may love, and may hope, and may care,

At the end of the day, I am all alone there.

In the stillness of paralyzed intellect, I can see –

That the thing I am truly afraid of – is me.




Amongst Two =

Two. Swirling, whirling about.

One says Aye, the other No…

It seems now there’s nowhere to go.

No tiebreaker, no middle ground.

A perfect match – no winner found.

How then can two settle score?

Perhaps, if we’d invite one more…

One more would balance out the mix,

One more vote this draw would fix.

And three declare majority rules!

No more stalemates, we are no fools.

And though today we might not win,

We’ve tomorrow and more to try again.

But two in faction must agree,

Too much to chance with only three.

If we had one more on our side,

All great things could three decide.

One more for us and one for they,

Will assure victory for us each day.

But seeing this a fracture grows

Minorities between the rows –

So soon it’s seven, nine and ten,

And for a moment dead heat again.

But progress prevails, and soon we see,

Our number approach infinity.

No longer one vote seems to matter,

It’s the majority that one must flatter.

One billion tiny points of view,

Each one thinking this idea is new.

All part of some big master plan,

To keep in check each tiny grain of sand.

Each grain must feel the pressure looming

To keep the polls on their side blooming.

Till one tiny single grain

Can no longer endure the strain.

Feeling already all alone,

He stakes an island of his own.

No more votes, no compromise,

No need to value other sides.

He is his own, he is the only,

But he will soon start feeling lonely.

What if I’m wrong? Who will say?

How will I know if I’ve gone astray?

All this troubles the grain of sand,

His island no longer seems so grand.

Another grain has left the fray,

And started heading over his way.

She approaches, gently luring

His mind to thoughts most reassuring.

We could be two and decide together,

It will be just the two of us – forever.

Two. Swirling, whirling about.

Life Sentence

Beauty, beyond all beholding.

Locked away in a prison fortress.

Designed to protect, yet the walls of  refuge have become more unforgiving than the vilest of foes.

Tears hidden behind masks. Love enshrined in a nest of thorns. Whispers of longing drowned out amidst screaming, seeming, self righteousness.

But light finds a way. Always a crack in the wall, a narrow path amongst the thorns, an unsealed edge of the mask where truth flows in, and out, unencumbered. Inevitably, the light forces back the shadows slowly, but steadily. Illuminating the truth beneath.

The light calls to the love, draws out the tears, and teases the whispers till they burst into song. Emergence can never be, without a bit of pain – but it is suffering with a purpose.

Such beauty.

Beyond anticipation. Beyond articulation. Beyond Beholding.


Falling, willingly, unafraid into a bottomless chasm. Feeling, strongly, gratefully into the arms of uncertainty. Holding, instantly, presently, unconcerned with permanence. Seeing, boundlessly, adoringly, beauty that cannot be grasped. Loving, spontaneously, unconditionally, in a moment that never ends. Thanking, universally, intentionally, for even that which cannot be granted, will not be forgotten, and should not be mentioned. Even but a moment of truth, of light, of unity, of love – is worth enduring the pain of a thousand deaths.


Trapped inside decisions

Cannot tame these visions

No way out, no escape

Cannot talk a way out of fate

Sirens call to travel

So much will unravel

The Tribe demands their leader

A Cage declares he freed her

Children of the mind

Won’t be left behind

The silence screams to be heard, and with a word, all that ails dissolves, unity absolves all perception. Rivers of genius flow from inception. Love expands perpetual intention. All inside the confines that hide not-me not-mine. Can’t un-know and can’t un-find. Blessed with light from infinite detail transforming nothing and stillness into synchronous performing. Gathered slowly one by one until division comes undone. Back to Source, and back to truth, Faith and Hope become the proof.